A fun-filled jungle themed adventure - all indoors!

With 6 carnival style indoor amusement park rides, a pirate-themed laser tag arena, a 6 hole indoor minigolf, a video game arcade and a huge playground with lots of slides and tunnels, Jambo! Park offers thrills for kids of all ages (and even grown-ups!). So come inside, enjoy our cool indoor family fun center, and let the adventure begin...

As Seen On TV (Good Morning Arizona)
Jambo! Park was featured on Good Morning Arizona 08/23/15 on 3TV. Check it out:

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Jambo! Park Back to School Hours
Open 10 am to 8 pm
Mon Wed Fri Sat Sun
Closed Tue Thu

Rafiki's Quotes
Inspirational quotes from Rafiki (Jambo! Park's mascot). Please check back frequently for a new quote.